Why Medhemporium? (important read)

Tired of the mass grown, fast cured, machine trimmed Biomass called “Organically Grown” and Hand Trimmed products sold by the “Big Boys”? According to Hemp Industry Daily, the average size of a hemp farm in 2019 was 119 acres. Have you ever stopped to think about where one would acquire enough manure to grow 25, 50, 100 or 500 acres of hemp organically or how one would be able to grow that much and have the time to deal with quality? How would one ever prune, harvest, cure trim and care for that much product and maintain any quality?

Welcome to Medhemporium, where we do it the right way. Our grow is approximately three acres and requires up to 20 of us for most of the year. The other 97 acres is in alfalfa and brewery barley.

We are extremely passionate about growing our plants, and grateful for your support and continued confidence. Medhemporium is a small family-run boutique farm. We care about our plants, our products and our customers and this is reflected in the quality of everything we offer to you. We frequently receive questions about our growing practices, and why our hemp feels, smells and tastes the way it does. We thought it would be helpful to share some insights here.

We pride ourselves in providing inhalable, ingestible medical grade hemp flower. All the products we sell are legal industrial hemp flower with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration of not more than .03% on a dry weight basis as defined by federal law. We provide legal industrial hemp that is grown pursuant to cultivation licenses from the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

In summary…
We are old school growers and believe in entirely organic growing, hand harvesting, hand-trimmed and ultra-slow curing our plants through an intensive two-month process maintaining an RH of 57-62% at all times to ensure the highest cannabinoid and terpene count for our clients. We do not sell machine trimmed or biomass products, nor do we compress our products when packaging. We sell only premium, creme de le creme, top shelf CBD hemp flower, designed for people that want to go back to plants for optimal health. Our mission is to help you live your best life by going back to plants. We believe in healthy people and a healthy earth, that is why we are using decomposable materials for our packaging.

We are excited to be offering quite a variety of strains for the 2019 harvest season, and are currently diligently working to provide you quite the selection for 2020 Harvest.
Vintage 2019: Blue Moon Kush, Dragon’s Breath, Esmerelda’s Glory, Hawaiian Haze, Le Femme Verte Kush, Sour Space Candy, Suver Haze, and Wendy’s Delight.
Vintage 2020: We’ve had a wonderful season for growing this year and are very pleased to announce that so far we’ve had no pest weeds or mold problems.
Our new strains include Sour Dutch Treat CBG, Margi’s Wonder CBG, Incan Princess Kush, Painted Goddess, Purple Hempress, Athena’s Potion, Aphrodite’s Desire OG, Hestia’s Innocence and Hera’s Passion.

Indoor vs Outdoor
All of our products are outdoor grown in the sun. Indoor grows use up valuable natural resources. Lights, fans, etc, are not what we consider environmentally friendly and lead to many pest problems due to the perfect conditions they are grown in. Perfect conditions for plants create the same conditions for pests as they do for plants. Many indoor growers have turned to ladybugs, or other predatory bugs to help solve the pesticide use, but our experience of 47 years has shown that the amount of predator bugs needed leave a lot of excrement on the product.

Pesticide Usage: We use NO pesticides period. We feel our duty as growers is to educate you of what you are actually purchasing, not just what it says on the label. There are those that buy pesticides from other states, to avoid testing for that specific pesticide in the state in which they are growing. We are also of the opinion that organic pesticides are not any safer than inorganic pesticides.

The drying / curing process:
Since all of our plants are hand-harvested, we do our best to take all of the shade leaves off in the field and leave them there to return to the soil, not in our trim. All of our products are hung on the stalk in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment for 8 weeks. Many others that slow cure, buck it off the stems and cure it in plastic tubs, or consider a slow cure to be 7 – 10 days. Ours is a true slow cure, and quite a rarity these days. We do not sell biomass or machine trimmed product as they are not meant to be ingested or inhaled. The curing process and proper storage are essential to ensure the product doesn’t degrade and or lose a majority of it’s terpenes, and other natural ingredients, which is so common in this industry, thus harming the “entourage effect” of the product.  Most resellers don’t even know where they product came from or how it was grown.

We try to keep a low quantity inventory, enough for a couple weeks sales at any given time. This ensures freshness. Trimming and packaging months in advance degrades the quality of the product as all the cuts while trimming cause the flower to breakdown faster due to more oxygen contact. We hand trim our products. We do not use machines and knock off all the trichomes.

Extracts: We do not sell kief, dab, wax, shatter, hash, moonrocks or anything in those catagories, as these types of products are made from the trichomes that belong on the flowers or in the trim, and for the most part get knocked off during machine trimming or during rough handling of the flowers.

Each step of the drying and packaging process happens in separate buildings. The product leaves the trimming building and is taken to our packaging facility. The packaging facility is equipped with hooded outtake fans to keep the smell out of the room and off the packaging. The packages are weighed by one person, placed into a smell proof recyclable bag by another person using a funnel, and finally closed by a third person, and the recyclable bag is then sealed. In this manner, no one ever touches the bag with contaminated hands, and the room isn¹t permeatedwith smell and residue. The bags then are taken to our shipping department, away from rawproduct. This keeps residue and smell off your order, and our shipping materials, to ensure your package isn’t flagged USPS during shipping.

Our COA’s:
Our lab results (COA’s) come from state approved labs, not private or 3rd party labs. Our COA’s are as close to real as we can get them. We do not send in our best hand trimmed fine bud for testing to show you the highest possible CBD and terpene content and then use them to sell you lesser quality flower. We do a second test a few months after harvest when the products are cured in order to provide a much truer result. All ofour test results are listed on the site, and are lab verifiable. We have tested the same plant in the morning, noon and evening and had varying results. This holds true when testing different plants in the same field. The terpene content also varies widely depending on how it was cured, with improperly cured products being less than one half what the COA from right after harvest shows. The faster the cure, the less terpenes there are left. COA’s on cannabinoids and terpenes should not be used to determine what you purchase. Try a product and see if it actually works for you. The vast majority of what is represented on the market is “Marketing & Advertising” scam.

Mold & Fungicide Issues:
Relative Humidity, or RH, represents the amount of moisture in the air relative to the amount of moisture the air is physically capable of holding at that temperature. This is what makes your product smoke nice and smoothly, instead of that harsh feeling. Terpenes are what give cannabis its flavors and aromas. Too low RH causes the terpenes to break down leaving you with no or little flavor or nose. Many scientists agree that one of these terpenes called myrcene is at least partially responsible for the anti-inflammatory effects of hemp. If the terpenes deteriorate, so will the benefit.
If your RH is too high, generally considered to be over 65%, mold and bacteria, such as Aspergillus, E. coli, and Salmonella are more likely to grow. This can be problematic causing illness for even healthy people, especially when using hemp for medical purposes, and can be far worse for those with auto immune system problems and can cause fatal lung disease.
Molds forming in the field may visually ruin only a few plants, but it spreads massive numbers of spores over the entire crop. A grower has a couple of choices to combat this issue while it’s in the field, one being to use a fungicide, either organic (natural) or one of the various chemical
fungicides. To be honest, who says that this fungicide, either organic or chemical is healthy for you? After all, arsenic and mercury are organic. This mold may infect the rest of the field, or in the very least, anything in close proximity will now have way more than the normal average of mold spores present and this may present a health hazard. Most areas get weather during harvest. If the plants aren’t pruned and thinned out, they are very susceptible to molds. Molds can also occur during the drying process. Lack of airflow and plants being packed too closely together can cause a humidity buildup, which in turn allows molds to grow. Mold spores then literally cover everything in the drying area. Simply tossing out the product with obvious mold issues does not get rid of it all.
Molds can occur during the curing and the storage processes as well. This occurs when product that is too damp, is placed into airtight containers. So, what happens on large grows when molds appear? They simply have other product tested that doesn’t have mold on it.

Shipping Policy:
Although Hemp products are now federally declassified, it is your responsibility to know and understand your state or local laws pertaining to hemp products. MedHemporium is not responsible for any order that is stolen outside the customer’s address, on the doorstep or in the mailbox, lost in transit, not delivered or seized during transit. Orders received by 11 A.M. are normally processed and shipped same day! All orders after 11 A.M. will be processed the next day. All orders will be shipped according to our customer’s requested shipping method (ie: Standard vs. Priority). We ship via USPS and we send a tracking number to the customer’s contact.
All products are shipped in smell proof, food grade, biodegradable containers. Due to the nature of this product, all weights and measures are approximate, but always in your favor. Environmental factors (relative humidity) can affect actual weights, making an exact weight very difficult.

Our Wholesale service begins at the 5 pound mark and above. Funds are accepted by bank wire transfer, Cashier’s check, Visa, Discover and Mastercard. Shipping methods will be discussed and paid for and approved by you prior to sale. We highly suggest having it insured. If you’re after 100’s or 1,000’s of pounds, please go elsewhere as we grow quality, and quality is not possible in quantity.

It is our hope that you find this information to be helpful. There are many factors to consider when purchasing hemp to ensure that you are ingesting the safest, highest quality product available. We have tried our best to shed some light on a few of theconcerns and topics you may want tobeaware of when making an important decision like this. Please feel free to contact us with anyfurther questions you may have, and feedback on your purchase is very much appreciated.

Wishing you health and happiness,

The Medhemporium Team

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