Special Sauce Certified Organic CBD flower (Trim)

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This Special Sauce Certified Organic CBD has big notes of berry candy and sweet cream swirl together to form that classic Special Sauce nose that so many of you know and love.

The Special Sauce CBD taste has an earthy, floral hint that comes with a sweet, almost peach scent that is undeniable.  This Special Sauce CBD strain is optimal for evening usage.  Special Sauce CBD brings an almost instant relaxation and calming.

This is some special sauce with 20.35% CBDa and less than 0.0402% delta-9 THC.

Type:  CBD Hemp Flower
1 oz - $15.00    1/4 lbs - $45.00   1 lb $75.00 (LIMIT 5 ea 1 lb PER ORDER.)

Aroma:  Berry Candy, Sweet Cream
Feeling:  Relaxing, Calming

Cannabinoid Profile & Potency levels:
20.35%     CBDA
19.18%     CBD
0.0402%  Delta 9 THC



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 All our products are grown pesticide free.  We will not purchase product from a grower that uses any pesticides.  It is that important to us that your product is clean and pure.

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Special Sauce Certified Organic CBD flower (Trim)
Special Sauce Certified Organic CBD flower (Trim)