Le Femme Verte Kush CBD flower (Popcorn)

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Le Femme Verte Kush, aka The Green Lady and what a sweet lady she is.  Strong aromas of sweet lemon citrus will greet you as you open the bag.  Very dense green and purple nugs, with a very gentle, smooth inhale.  This strain is more on the Indica spectrum.  This is her first year on the market and we know you will enjoy her just as much as we do!

Aroma:  Lemon, Earthy
Feeling:  Relaxation, Relief

Cannabinoid Profile & Potency levels after 8 week cure, not before, so you know what you're really getting:

12.41% Total Cannabinoids                                                         9.88% CBDA
8.89 % CBD (Total)
Not Detected Delta 9 THC

Terpene Analysis (Top three)

%         Terpene       Total Terpenes .92%

.737 beta Myrcene

.188 alpha-Pinene

.134 trans-Caryophyllene

We pride ourselves on setting the bar in quality control!  We test for:

-Heavy Metals

Click here to see the complete list of Test Results for this product.

All our products are grown pesticide free.  We will not purchase product from a grower that uses any pesticides.  It is that important to us that your product is clean and pure.

Le Femme Verte Kush CBD flower (Popcorn)
Le Femme Verte Kush CBD flower (Popcorn)