What Sets Us Apart

Medhemporium is a small, family-run business. We care about our plants, our products, and our customers. This is reflected in the quality of everything we sell, and we hope you appreciate some insight into what goes into every bud we sell.

All of our products are grown outdoors. We use NO pesticides at all. There are those that buy pesticides from other states that are not tested for in the state they are grown in. Indoor grows have way too many pest problems due to the perfect conditions they are grown in, as perfect conditions create the same conditions for pests as they do for plants. Many indoor growers have gone to ladybugs or other predator bugs to help solve the pesticide use, but our experience of 47 years has shown that the amount of predator bugs needed leave a lot of excrement on the product. We feel that we get enough excrement from bugs outdoors, let alone add to the situation. Hemp is no different from any food products grown indoors or outdoors. We at Medhemporium are not convinced that organic pesticides are any healthier for you than inorganic pesticides. 

Since our plants are hand harvested, we do our best to take all the shade leaves off in the field and leave them there for the soil, not in our trim. 

We hang our products on the stalk in a temperature and humidity-controlled area for 8 weeks, so we get a true slow cure. Flask cured or fast cured products rapidly deteriorate the quality. 

We hand buck our plants at the trimming stage as we feel it is important for proper storage and helps keep the plant from deteriorating as fast. Again, no machines used. 

Our COAs are as accurate, and representative of the product you will receive, as we can get them. We do not send in our best hand trimmed fine bud for testing to show you the highest possible CBD and terpene content. We do a second test a few months after harvest when the products are cured in order to provide a much truer result. All of our test results are listed on the site, and are lab verifiable. Very soon, our lab results will be on the testing labs website and made public from there. 

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