Methods of Ingesting CBD Hemp


Smoking CBD hemp in a bowl, water pipe, joint or blunt is great for getting CBD into your system immediately, and no doctor is going to tell you it’s good for your lungs, it’s generally considered healthier that tobacco. The best, healthiest and efficient way to of consumption is using a dry herb vaporizer, as you   receive all the entourage effects of the CBD, terpenes and other cannabinoids without the harshness of smoking it, and it goes straight into your system instantly.

Cooking With Hemp

Like food and wine, food and CBD hemp pair well, and are an important role for the final experience. CBD is fat soluble, infusing CBD hemp flowers in butter or oil is a good method when you desire to digest your CBD and Terpenes.  It provides a longer-term effect, than inhaling, but does have to pass through the liver, which breaks down the cannabinoid, thus reducing it’s effectiveness substantially. There’s also the issue of the dose you desire being harder to determine, with the knowledge in mind that “you can always take more, but you can never take less”. Always avoid adding it at the beginning of the cooking process to avoid burning off the terrenes, as they are very sensitive to heat.

There are plenty of recipes online for you to choose from, so we’re going to discuss the preparation of basic ingredients used in most recipes.


Adding CBD hemp to your meal by sprinkling it on your dinner like salt and pepper is a great method when you desire to use it as a flavoring. Different strains have different smells and flavors, which allow you to have some fun deciding which one works best on a dish. Choose a strain that also has the particular effect you desire.

Sprinkling it on not only lets you decide how much you like, but how much others at the table desire themselves. It also has the advantage of never heating the product and destroying any of its properties. Simply add the desired amount into a blender or grinder and put into an old spice container with a shaker lid for use. We recommend only making enough for immediate use, as letting it dry out causes it to lose many of its beneficial components and flavors. Another preferred method is breaking it up small enough to use in a peppermill. Clean it out after each meal and remember to never leave it out where children or others can inadvertently have access.

Butter Infusion

Unlike marijuana, heating to decarboxylate CBD hemp does more harm than good and controlling the temperature is extremely important.  Since we haven’t found any recipes for making CBD butter online that meet our satisfaction, we’re going to explain how we make ours.


1 Cup water

1 lb unsalted butter

1 oz of quality CBD hemp flower (recommended), but you can use whatever you desire, both in amounts and quality.


Stove or hot plate

Double boiler pan

Cheesecloth and string preferred, but a flour sifter or mesh screen works if you don’t break or grind your hemp up too much.

Glass container

 Step 1.

Break up your CBD hemp into small pieces if using flour sifter or mesh method. You can break it up more or use a grinder if you choose the cheesecloth method or you can grind it up very fine if you skip steps 3 and 4, as we do most of the time. (Skipping steps 3 & 4 ensure full usage of the product, if the extra flavor doesn’t bother you).

Add the water and butter to your double boiler.

 Step 2. This is the important step.

Slowly melt the butter until it just turns into a liquid. Do not let the butter get too hot. Adjust your simmer temp to maintain this temperature.

Stir in your hemp and simmer at this temp for 3 hours, stirring occasionally, always keeping an eye on the temp. The butter should be close to what you’d use to dip lobster or shellfish in.

 Step 3.

Tie your cheesecloth with string or heavy rubber band to make a lid covering your glass container and carefully pour the hot mixture through the cheesecloth into your bowl. You can also use a flour sifter or mesh for this same purpose.

 Step 4.

Remove the cheesecloth, flour strainer or mesh and place on the counter for 30 minutes, while slowly stirring occasionally to mix any separated butter oils back together.

 Step 5.

Place in the refrigerator until it sets up. The butter and water will separate and you can pour off the water and dispose of it. If you end up with any water left in the butter, which occasionally happens, allow the butter to soften on the counter until it’s pliable. Using food grade gloves, squeeze it until the remaining water is removed.

 Dosage: Divide into 28 pieces for a 1 gram equivalent of raw material dosage. We recommend starting slowly to determine your desired effect. Always remember the Golden Rule of “you can always take more, but you can never take less”, and remember to never leave it out where children or others can inadvertently have access.

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