Is CBD Oil Safe? Buyer Beware

Are CBD and CBG Oils, Candies or Extracts safe for me to use? Is it safe for my pets? 


With CBD’s new popularity in the US market, CBD is being touted as the “cure all” for almost everything imaginable. Next to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is the second most abundant component of the cannabis plant.  Unlike THC, CBD does not get users high. There’s evidence suggesting that it might have many uses as more research is being done due to them becoming declassified and no longer under the control of the DEA as a schedule 1 narcotic. CBD’s possible uses include being good for anxiety, sleep disordersepilepsymenstrual crampsMultiple Sclerosis, PTSDbladder dysfunctionsglaucomainflammatory bowel diseaseblood pressureautism as well as have anti-convulsantanti-inflammatoryanti-oxidativebacterial infections, and anti-tumor effects. It may also be useful for treating different cancers like advanced cancercolorectal cancer,  and colon cancer, and in the treatment of diabetes and Huntington’s Disease. It may even contribute to heart health. If it even turns out that half of these studies are correct, it is close to being a “cure all”. 


CBD and CBG products are still unregulated, and illegal in interstate commerce. 

Due to CBD and CBG’s high monetary value potential, the FDA has been forced to issue several warning letters to companies and individuals marketing CBD products, which for the most part, include foods and oils. The FDA has tested several of these products and they do not contain the the levels of CBD claimed by the manufacturers. None-the-less, the vast majority are still not being caught up with and the market abounds with “snake oils”, for both human and pet consumption. Only god knows what is in many of these concoctions, or if they are even clean. Be very careful, keeping in mind that many of these incredible-sounding testimonials are marketing materials meant to lure consumers into buying their products. 


Most of us are not willing to feed our pets things we wouldn’t personally use ourselves, so for both you and your pets, here’s a link to a well-known expert, Dr Robert Shmerling’s advise. For now, if you desire to purchase CBD or CBG oils, only purchase highly reputable companies products. Understand the difference between isolate, full spectrum and broad spectrum products and the various methods for making them.  

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