Zena’s Poison CBD Flower – LIMITED SUPPLY – Sale!

Zena’s Poison has an earthy lemon fragrance and stinky resinous buds. Zena’s Poison CBD is a proprietary strain that is so popular that all that’s left is on the website.

Type:  CBD Hemp Flower

Type:  Proprietary Strain
Aroma:  Lemon

All of our products are natural hemp flower, containing no added chemicals or additives.

All our products are grown pesticide free.  We will not purchase product from a grower that uses any pesticides.  It is that important to us that your product is clean and pure.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Cannabinoid Profile & Potency levels after 8 week cure, not before, so you know what you’re really getting:

15 % Total Cannabinoids

16.82 % CBDA
.04% Delta 9 THC 

Terpene Analysis

%         Terpene                                                                       
1.110                    Myrcene
0.416                    alpha Pinene
0.198                    beta Pinene
0.172                    Limonene
0.107                    beta Caryophyllene
0.037                    alpha Bisabolol
0.034                    Valencene
0.034                    alpha Humulene
0.031                    Phytol
0.025                    Ocimene
0.021                    Fenchol
0.020                    Terpineol
0.019                    Guaiol