Suver Haze CBD Pre-Rolled 3 Pack


This Suver Haze CBD flower exhibits a lot of the tropical flavor with a sharp citrus and woody pine that accent that lingers throughout the aroma. The overall bouquet of this Suver Haze CBD leaves you with a wonderful floral scent.

This Suver Haze contains 17.2% CBDa and <LOQ Δ9 THC 

Type:  CBD Hemp Blunt
Quantity: 3 pack $15.00
Aroma:  Tropical, Citrus, Pine
Feeling:  Calming

Our blunts are made with premium hand trimmed product, in the tradition of fine Cuban cigars. They weigh anywhere between 1.4 and 1.7 grams depending on the strain and the pack. Our product is packed at 62% relative humidity and kept that way.  This provides you with a smooth smoking experience. If they don’t draw as you please poke a few holes in them with a needle like the pro’s do. It’ll make them burn more evenly and it helps take away any harshness.  We only use RAW Hemp Papers.

All of our products are natural hemp flower, containing no added chemicals or additives.

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Cannabinoid Profile & Potency levels:
17.2 %      CBDA
15.4 %      CBD
<LOQ       Delta 9 THC

Terpene Analysis

Mg/g             Terpene
0.250         alpha-Humulene
0.473         alpha-Pinene
0.0104       alpha-Terpinene
0.730         beta-Caryophyllene
4.74            beta-Myrcene
0.262         beta-Pinene
1.97            Beta-Ocimene
0.0288       Camphene
0.0297       delta-3-Carene
0.345         d-Limonene
0.0136       gamma-Terpinene
0.00839     Isopulegol
0.127         Linalool
0.0994       Ocimene
< LOQ        p-Cymene
0.0415       Terpinolene