Sample Pack A


Not sure which strain to choose from?  Sample multiple plants to see which best suits you.  This pack includes 1 Hand Trimmed 1/8 oz package for each of the 4 different strains listed below, enough to sample a few times to see what you really want!!!

Our proprietary Blue Moon Kush Indica dominant strain. Her dense deep green buds, are covered in long orange and red pistols with trichomes that leave your fingers sticky.

Another proprietary strain, Dragon’s Breath, is a Sativa dominate/Indica blend. This attractive young lady has a beautiful blend of purple and red hairs, making a nice contrast of crimson and light green buds. She has wondrous flavors of pine and lemon with sweet floral undertones.

Esmerelda’s Glory is Sativa dominant and is a local favorite that can only found on our farm. Her buds are small and condensed with amber hairs on a lush green body.

Hawaiian Haze, widely loved for her happy, uplifting, and energetic nature, may be out of this earth, but will leave your head in the clouds! She makes a great daytime companion as she’s creative, alert and a stress reducer. Her large, Sativa dominant, light, airy and velvety buds are emerald and purple in color with cherry red hairs, fully formed crystalline trichomes and bursting with sweet and sour aromas.

All of our products are natural hemp flower, containing no added chemicals or additives.

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This Sampler Pack is made using product from our 2019 harvest.

Blue Moon Kush (Click here to see the COA for this product.)
Dragon’s Breath  (Click here to see the COA for this product.)
Esmerelda’s Glory  (Click here to see the COA for this product.)
Hawaiian Haze  (Click here to see the COA for this product.)