Natural Cola's

As cannabis has been stored for centuries (until the last 40 years), we now offer it in its raw or natural state! Would you like to have it with no trichomes knocked off it? Even though we offer it in Hand Trimmed and Hand Trimmed Fine, there’s still a certain amount of trichomes knocked off even by the most careful trimmers. Mass produced and machine trimmed or machine trimmed, then hand touched up and sold as hand trimmed products, have a lot of their trichomes knocked off and that’s where the kief comes from you see being sold. Would you prefer the “kief” on what you buy instead of purchasing a “watered down” version? Do you prefer to trim it yourself as you use it instead of paying others to do the work? Our plants have the shade leaf taken off in the field, are then hand harvested, slow cured, and hand bucked, where we take off the top colas for storage.

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