Margi’s Wonder CBG Flower


Margi’s Wonder CBG (named after my lovely wife), is a Sativa dominant hybrid and the sister of the Sour Dutch Treat. Her style is lush dark orange hairs with dense trichome crystals embedded in her bright green bud. Her wonderous mood is very relaxing on the mind. Her perfume suggests a combination of rose, cinnamon, magnolia, chamomile, cypress, pine, and hops. We tend to trim it to smaller buds so there’s less stem, but every bud is from top colas off the upper 3rd of the plant. Click here for CBD Potential Medical Benefits. Click here for details on our hand harvested hand trimmed slow cured process.

Cannabinoid Profile & Potency
16.2% Total Cannabinoids
15.4% CBGA
1.64% Total THC

Top 3 Terpenes
Caryophyellene – Aroma: Spicy, cinnamon, cloves, and black pepper, – Potential Medical Benefits: Anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, Analgesic and Alcohol craving reduction.
Guaiol – Aroma: Cypress Pine and Rose – Potential Medical Benefits: Menstrual regulation and Syphilis
Farnesene  Aroma: Green apple, Cinnamon, Wood, Magnolia, Chamomile and Hops – Potential Medical Benefits: Anxiety Relief & Antispasmodic, has calming and sedative properties that can relieve anxiety and relax muscles to reduce spasmodic episodes, and is found in many indica strains.

Pesticides – PASS (Organically grown and pesticide free as we are not convinced that most organic pesticides are any healthier)
Mycology – PASS
Heavy Metals – PASS

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