All the products we sell are legal industrial hemp flower with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration of not more than .03 percent on a dry weight basis as defined by federal law.

We pride ourselves in providing legal industrial hemp that is grown pursuant to cultivation licenses from the Oregon Department of Agriculture. See the link here for more information Oregon Industrial Hemp.


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Special Sauce Certified Organic CBD Trim
Special Sauce Certified Organic CBD Trim

Special Sauce Certified Organic CBD Trim

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This Special Sauce Certified Organic CBD has big notes of berry candy and sweet cream swirl together to form that classic Special Sauce nose that so many of you know and love.

The Special Sauce CBD taste has an earthy, floral hint that comes with a sweet, almost peach scent that is undeniable.  This Special Sauce CBD strain is optimal for evening usage.  Special Sauce CBD brings an almost instant relaxation and calming.

This is some special sauce with 20.35% CBDa and less than 0.0402% delta-9 THC.

Type:  CBD Hemp Flower
1 oz - $15.00    1/4 lbs - $45.00   1 lb $75.00 (LIMIT 5 ea 1 lb PER ORDER.)

Aroma:  Berry Candy, Sweet Cream
Feeling:  Relaxing, Calming

Cannabinoid Profile & Potency levels:
20.35%     CBDA
19.18%     CBD
0.0402%  Delta 9 THC



Click here to see the complete list of Test Results for this product.

 All our products are grown pesticide free.  We will not purchase product from a grower that uses any pesticides.  It is that important to us that your product is clean and pure.

MedHemporium provides the highest quality, "top shelf, premium, craft, or connoisseur", CBD hemp flowers available.

The CBD hemp flowers we sell are organically grown, hand harvested, hang dried, slowed cured for 8 weeks with RH between 57% - 62%,

slow cured Hemp CBD flowers. We hand buck and hand trim everything with no machine trimming to ensure the trichomes are still on the flower.

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Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to give you all a huge Thank You for the quality products your team is distributing. I was an avid marijuana user for years and your hemp products have helped me more than I thought possible. It’s been over a month now since I’ve had muscle spasms in my sleep and have been mentally at ease!

"You folks have a wonderfully streamlined system. All the information is there for a customer to make a decision tailored to their needs. You informed me every step of the way; from the ordering , processing,  shipping, to the tracking and delivery.

 The product I ordered was fresh and the packaging really protects it's quality. Good , simple labeling ,too.

 My aching joints thank you for a great quality product."

Verified purchase...

Thanks for a great product,nice website,an quick deleivery. Hemp helps me focus an get things done. Thank you so much, it been a pleasure, will order more.

Before trying your products I was purchasing hemp from a local herb shop. Their products had no standard of quality compared to yours.

I just received my order and want to thank you all tremendously! The shipping time was impeccable and the quality of your product is completely outstanding! I will continue business with your store due to being extremely satisfied with all aspects of this purchase.


Very well trimmed, very smooth, very sticky, & very fresh. Great for day-time use. Helps to clear the head. Keeps me focused & productive throughout the day. Wonderful flavor, reminds me of cherry pie with hints of berry & vanilla.


(Special Sauce-Hand trimmed) This is by far the best product I’ve come across. Was better than I expected. Hand trimmed to perfection & such a wonderful taste! Ordering confirmation was immediate & shipping was fast. I will definitely be ordering again!

You know what, I have really enjoyed y’all’s flower it taste amazing and the packaging is even nice. Only problem is... I didn’t order enough.

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What We Do

We pride ourselves in providing legal industrial hemp that is grown pursuant to a cultivation license from the Oregon Department of Agriculture.
See the link here for more information
 Oregon Industrial Hemp.

Packaging and Shipping

We do not grow, cure, package, and ship from the same buildings or property. All our products leave the trimming building and are taken to our packaging facility. Here, we have a room with hooded outtake fans to keep the smell out of the room and off the packaging. They are weighed by one person, put into a smell proof mylar bags by another using a funnel, and finally closed by a third person, and the mylar bag is then sealed. In this manner, no one ever  touches the bag with contaminated hands, and the room isn¹t permeated with smell and residue. The bags then are taken to our shipping dept where no raw product exists, not only keeping residue and smell off your order, but also off all our shipping materials. When your order is filled, your whole order is put into another smell proof mylar bag and sealed to insure the least possible chance of smell.

Shipping Policy
Although Hemp products are now federally declassified it is your responsibility to know and understand your state or local laws pertaining to hemp products.  MedHemporium is not responsible for any order that is stolen outside the customer's address, on the doorstep or in the mailbox, lost in transit, not delivered or seized during transit.  Orders received by 11 A.M. are processed and shipped same day! All orders after 11 A.M. will be processed the next day.  All orders will be shipped according to our customer's requested shipping method (ie: Standard vs. Priority).  We ship via USPS priority flat rate and we send a tracking number to the customer's contact.
All products are shipped in food grade containers. Due to the nature of this product, all weights and measures are approximate, but always in your favor. Environmental factors (relative humidity) can affect actual weights, making an exact weight very difficult.